Brent has made furniture for a considerable period of time. His high standards and precise production techniques, coupled with traditional construction values allow Brent to create many fine pieces of furniture. Individually designed and hand crafted from raw timber to the final highly finished piece, all of the furniture is a unique item.

Many of his customers commission a piece of furniture which can be kept within the family, to pass down onto future generations. Have a look at the furniture Brent has created from some of the finest wood nature can provide by clicking on the Gallery button in the top menu.

Brent carves a cat symbol on all his furniture so that each piece of furniture is uniquely identified by a carved cat. This is Brent’s trademark and can be found on all of his custom made furniture. Why a curled up, sleepy cat? Contentment, satisfaction, at one with wood.

The Guild of Master Craftsmen mark which assures the quality of Brent’s work Guild of Master Craftsmen status is awarded to all craftsmen who have served an apprenticeship in their chosen craft. The seal gives an assurance that the work carried out will be of superior quality.